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Fetie Fejzo - From Cleaning Lady to Empowered Healer

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In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Tia, who underwent a remarkable transformation over the past five years.

Tia's journey, from being a hardworking cleaning lady to becoming an empowered leader and healer, is a testament to the power of personal growth and self-care. Join us as we delve into her inspiring story of physical, emotional, mental, and financial transformation.

Monika: Welcome, Tia! It's a pleasure to have you here. Episode 101 marks a fresh beginning, and I couldn't be more excited to share your incredible journey with our listeners.

Tia: Thank you, Monika. I'm equally excited to be here. It's an honor.

Monika: Tia, let's start from the beginning. Can you tell our listeners about the Tia I met five years ago when you were working as a cleaning lady?

Tia: Five years ago, I was a very different person. I was constantly busy, cleaning houses, running my business, and going to college. I was stuck in a cycle of work, work, work, with little time for self-care. I didn't even pay attention to my appearance or well-being. I was just surviving, not truly experiencing life.

Monika: I remember our first meeting in 2018 when you came to clean my house. You were incredibly shy back then. Can you share your perspective on that initial encounter?

Tia: Yes, I remember it vividly. I was quite shy and reserved back then. I lacked confidence and didn't prioritize self-care. Meeting you and witnessing your transformation started to change something inside me.

Monika: That initial meeting led to you working with me, initially through online training, and later in person when I needed help with my studio. How did that transition happen?

Tia: I was genuinely interested in what you were doing. I had gained weight due to stress and wasn't taking care of myself. Your approach to fitness and nutrition resonated with me, so I decided to start online training. Eventually, we transitioned to in-person training when you needed help with your studio.

Monika: Along the way, we became more than just trainer-client. We became friends, and I started helping you with your business and mindset. Do you recall when our relationship evolved beyond the typical client-trainer dynamic?

Tia: Absolutely. You became like an older sister to me. You saw my potential and helped me realize that there's a better way to live life. I started putting myself first, which changed everything. I learned that by taking care of myself, I could help others more effectively.

Monika: One significant change we made was restructuring your business prices and letting go of clients who were causing you stress. Can you talk about that transformation and how it affected your life and business?

Tia: Restructuring my prices and letting go of certain clients was a turning point. It reduced my stress levels significantly. I had been working tirelessly at low rates, and it was unsustainable. Once I valued my services appropriately, I found more balance in my life.

Monika: You texted me once, thanking me for helping you make more money while working less. Can you share your experience with that shift?

Tia: It was a profound change. I realized that I could work smarter, not harder. I no longer felt the need to work incessantly. Instead, I started focusing on self-care, which made me more productive and happier.

Monika: Tia, your life has transformed in remarkable ways. Can you describe your life today? What are your daily routines like?

Tia: My life today is beautiful and filled with ease. I wake up, enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee, spend time with my kids, and prioritize self-care. I even put on makeup, something I never did before. I work smart, not hard, and have created balance and harmony in my life.

Monika: You've recently become a certified hypnotist and started your own energy healing practice. What prompted you to pursue these paths?

Tia: I wanted to explore my gifts further and help people heal emotionally and physically. I realized that my uniqueness could benefit others. So, I became a certified hypnotist and opened my own energy healing practice, where I focus on bringing harmony and healing to people's lives.

Monika: Your journey is truly inspirational, Tia. If you could leave our listeners with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tia: I would tell them to take those first steps toward self-care and self-love. Remember that you have one life, one body, and one mind. Start by valuing yourself and creating the life you desire. You are the creator of your own future.



Tia's transformation from a cleaning lady to an empowered healer and leader is a testament to the power of self-care and personal growth. Her journey reminds us that we all have the potential to create positive changes in our lives. By valuing ourselves and taking those first steps toward self-improvement, we can live with ease, balance, and harmony, just like Tia.

If you'd like to connect with Tia or learn more about her healing services, please check the show notes for her contact information. Thank you for joining us in this inspiring conversation, and until next time, remember that your transformation is within reach.