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I find myself sitting here, speaking to you from the comfort of my bedroom. This contemplation began with an eye-opening conversation I had with my girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter. She revealed the challenges she's facing amidst the turbulent seas of school drama.

Being an aunt is a role I cherish, but motherhood? Not for me. I'm more of a witty-cool aunt – Mimi and Menji are my adorable "kids." Engaging with kids as an aunt, rather than a parental figure, offers a different vantage point. It's a mix of older sister, mom's friend, and, well, it's Monika – you get it.

Hannah shared tales of school woes, and I reflected on my similar experiences. I advised her on handling mean girls, resonating it in a recent Instagram coffee chat. I shared a concept: when someone tries to offend you, it's like they're handing you a cup of coffee. You have the power not to take it – a choice, empowering you to maintain emotional control.

Master the Art of Emotional Control

Teaching an 11-year-old this lesson reminded me of the universal applicability of this skill. It's a mastery that transcends age, education, and status. To sidestep emotional entanglement swiftly is a powerful life skill.

Not only should you avoid getting trapped in negative emotions like anger, sadness, and upset, but be wary of the ego-boosting ones too. Acknowledgment without inflating one's ego is vital. "I'm so proud" may seem encouraging, but it can subtly dilute the essence of true acknowledgment. It's the work that deserves applause, not our ego. Practicing precise acknowledgment shapes a more meaningful dialogue.

Reframing Pride and Acknowledgment

Acknowledgment needs a refocus. It's not about puffing up egos but about recognizing specific attributes and actions leading to accomplishments. Being right doesn’t matter to me; causing positive shifts does. Specific acknowledgment tailored to the person’s efforts proves far more meaningful than generic praise.


While fitness and personal development are my usual themes, these topics resonate deeply within me. They transcend the mundane and touch upon what truly matters in navigating life's tribulations.

This blog might not suit everyone, but it aims to foster thought-provoking discussions and personal growth. If it resonated with you, drop a comment and let me know how. Life’s journey is about continuously learning, growing, and making conscious choices – this blog is a testament to that endeavor. Thank you for being a part of this space.