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Chio's Journey: From Finding Me on Facebook to Big Changes through Workouts

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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to share the incredible journey of Chio, who discovered me on Facebook years back and found her way into a life-changing fitness story. It's pretty amazing how things panned out for her.

Discovery through Social Media: Back in 2006, Chio stumbled upon my profile through a friend's connection on Facebook. She thought it'd be cool to train with me, but it wasn't on the cards at that time. She emailed me in 2008, but I was full up, and she wasn't planning on making fitness her thing.

Fitness in Argentina: Chio lived in Argentina for around ten years and did belly dancing. She hit the gym there, but no personal trainer was guiding her. Fitness was part of her life, but she didn’t know how big it would become for her.

Transition to Virtual Training: Fast forward to 2016-2017, and she started training with me online after moving to Mexico. We used WhatsApp, which suited her schedule working from home.

Evolution into Online Training: Things changed big time when Chio ditched her high-stress job and created her own online training program. Started small on WhatsApp with about 25 people and later moved it to a cool Facebook group.

Personal and Professional Transformation: Chio went from an industrial engineer to a therapist focusing on family stuff. She changed her way of thinking and became open to new things.

Teaching Children by Example: Her kids got a good deal from her – all the healthy habits and positive thinking she's into. She's showing them how to believe they can do anything.

Role of Fitness in Personal Development: Fitness was a big deal for Chio. It wasn't just about keeping fit. It helped her feel good in her head and her heart, giving her some solid chill time.

Chio's story is really inspiring. It shows how fitness, believing in yourself, and being open to new stuff can change everything. It’s not just about doing workouts; it's about growing inside and spreading the good vibes.