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Dealing with Frustration: My 3-Step Approach

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Hey there, it's Monika, and today, I'm opening up about frustration. Yes, even I, the perpetually happy one, have my moments. Today, small mishaps piled up – a mix-up with food orders, a bank account blunder – nothing catastrophic, but it irked me.

So, what's my approach to defusing frustration? Let's dive in.


1. Stay Calm and Kind: No matter how annoying the situation, I never vent on the people helping me. Whether it's customer service or a hotel receptionist, I keep my cool. It's not their fault, and kindness often yields better results.


2. Quick Reboot: After minor annoyances, I immediately reset myself. This prevents frustration from accumulating. I take a short walk, play calming music, or just breathe. No alcohol or caffeine; they don't solve problems.


3. Let It Go: The key to staying cool? Letting go. Holding onto frustrations is like carrying a heavy load; it weighs you down. So, I limit my venting time, usually just a few minutes, then I release it.


Remember, holding onto frustration keeps you stuck in the past. Letting go frees you for a brighter future. Stay tuned for more insights on my journey – adventures and anniversaries are on the horizon!


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