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Getting Real About Weight Loss: It's Not Personal, It's Math


Hey there, it's Monika, and today we're diving into a serious topic: weight loss. No jokes, just real talk. I've heard from many of you who are struggling on your weight loss journey, and I want to address it in a way that can truly help.

Strength Training is Key

When it comes to weight loss, strength training is your best friend. It reshapes your body, boosts bone density, and prevents injuries. Cardio is minimal in my method, as we focus on strength.

Mindful Eating

For some, being mindful is enough. Slow down, make choices consciously, and have self-awareness. You're in control, so choose wisely.

Log Your Food

If mindful eating isn't producing results, try logging your food. No diets or restrictions, just stay below your daily calorie limit. Macros matter less; calories are key.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you're not seeing results, you're likely not in a calorie deficit. It's not personal; it's math. Track consistently, no half-hearted attempts.

Debunking Starvation Mode

Eating too little doesn't hinder weight loss. Look at those in food shortage areas – they're not overweight. Starvation mode is a myth.

This post may feel different, but it's meant to be accessible and straightforward. If you're struggling with food, reach out. I'm here to help. Share and review if this episode resonated with you. Thanks for being here.

Remember, your weight loss journey can be simplified. It's not about complicated diets or mysterious forces – it's about making simple, informed choices and sticking to them.