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Interpreting Intentions: When Feelings of Rejection Arise

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Picture this: you extend invitations, lend a listening ear, and yet, it seems like you're the odd one out. You start to wonder, "Do they even like me?" It's a classic tale of interpreting intentions.

1. It's Not Always About You:

First and foremost, don't jump to conclusions. Sometimes, people's actions have nothing to do with how much they like or dislike you. Just like how I've been absorbed in work and haven't been in touch with my family lately, it doesn't mean I don't love them. Life can pull us in different directions.

2. You Don't Owe Them Your Ears:

If folks use you as a venting outlet, consider why you're doing it. If it's genuinely because you want to help, great! But if it's to gain their favor, think twice. I once held back my business growth to appease clients, and it got me nowhere. Don't operate on credit; it leads to disappointment.

3. Fact vs. Interpretation:

Lastly, differentiate between facts and interpretations. Facts are what happened, devoid of your judgments. Interpretations are the stories you weave around them. It's a powerful exercise to strip away those interpretations and see situations for what they truly are.

So, the next time you're inclined to think, "They don't like me," take a step back. Look at the facts, not the stories you've spun around them. Your power lies in your perspective.