Hey there! I'm Monika A Mazur,

a Performance Pro. My mission is to assist fellow type-A perfectionists in finding satisfaction and peace of mind as their performance continues to increase.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or someone who has climbed the corporate ladder and is now embarking on a journey to create your own business, I'm here to simplify and organize your goals.

I'll help prevent your perfectionism from halting your progress by assisting you in rewriting those pesky limiting stories and tapping into your inner wisdom to make your dreams a reality.

Think of me as your personal growth coach, equipped with proven tools and effective strategies to help you make those big moves without sacrificing your sanity. As a millennial myself, I understand the struggles of balancing ambition with the need for rest and relaxation. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Let's team up and show the world what you’re made of!

My journey


I specialize in mentoring ambitious, high-achieving individuals driven to succeed. With extensive background, training, and experience, I provide proven strategies and insights while upholding unwavering integrity.

If you're feeling exhausted and maxed out despite your hard work and achievements, I can guide you towards new levels of success with peace of mind and ease.

My coaching philosophy rests on the belief that you already hold the answers to your life and goals, but sometimes childhood conditioning or experiences can cloud your vision. Through objective observation, I support you in taking bold actions towards achieving your goals.

Having successfully coached various dynamic individuals, including Ph.D. holders, college professors, doctors, nurses, real estate agents, accountants, physical therapists, lawyers, singers, restaurant owners, and healers.

I offer an approach founded on mutual respect, integrity, and relentless dedication.

I facilitate courageous conversations and guide you to act with authenticity, helping you reach the highest levels of success with satisfaction and peace of mind.