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Empowering Women: My Journey of Support and Growth

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On this International Women's Day, I extend warm wishes to all the women out there. While the celebration may be more prominent in Poland than in America, it's important to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves every day. Today, I want to share why empowering women has always been close to my heart. Growing up surrounded by brothers and a cousin, I often found myself as the only girl. I was a bit of a loner in school, with few girlfriends. However, my journey took a turn when I moved to America and found incredible support from au pairs and moms who welcomed me with open arms.

Supportive Bonds and Transformation:

Living in Melrose, Massachusetts, I encountered a kind-hearted mom at a park who offered invaluable advice. She encouraged me to experience living on my own, and I embraced that phase, cherishing the independence it brought. These encounters with au pairs and moms instilled a sense of support and community within me. However, it was when I became a trainer that I truly understood the impact I could have on empowering women.

The Need for Empowerment:

Being the only female trainer at my first job in Boston, I realized the urgent need for more support systems tailored to women. The environment was intimidating, and it was evident that women felt uneasy. In 2008, the fitness industry lacked female representation, and I was determined to change that. Becoming a trainer allowed me to give back, supporting women on their weight loss journeys, during pregnancy, and helping them overcome injuries. Witnessing their transformations, both externally and internally, was an indescribable joy.

A Highlighted Commitment:

My commitment to supporting women solidified during a challenging phase in my life—an abusive relationship. During that time, I received overwhelming support from numerous women, including the ex-wife of my abuser, who had also suffered at his hands. Their unconditional support and shared experiences empowered me to leave that toxic situation behind. Their kindness resonated deeply, highlighting the importance of female friendship and support.

A Circle of Support:

Years later, another beautiful friendship emerged when my ex-fiancé's baby's mother reached out to me. We formed a bond, demonstrating that women can uplift and support one another, irrespective of past circumstances. These experiences reinforced my belief that women can rise above personal challenges and unite for the greater good.

Supporting Women on Their Journeys:

On this International Women's Day, I invite you to join me in supporting women on their unique journeys. If you possess skills and resources, please extend a helping hand whenever possible. Let's focus on the positive aspects, the transformations, and the growth. I am immensely grateful to all the women who have supported me throughout my life, including clients, coaches, and those who have shown their support through listening, sharing, and reviewing.


International Women's Day is an opportunity to reflect on the power of women supporting women. My personal experiences and career have shaped my unwavering commitment to empowering women. Together, let's celebrate the incredible transformations, the resilience, and the support that women offer one another. Today and every day, let's uplift, inspire, and embrace the strength and potential within each and every woman.