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Cree Carrico - From Weight Loss to Empowerment

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I recently had an incredible interview with Cree, where we delved into her remarkable journey of shedding 100 pounds (45.36 kg) not once, but twice. Cree shares her story of personal trials and triumphs, offering hope and motivation for anyone looking to embark on a transformative path. She also manages a thriving fitness business that aims to inspire others.

A Confident Start and Life's Twists

Cree's story kicks off with youthful confidence and a strong sense of body positivity. But a doctor's comment becomes the catalyst for a dramatic change. Her journey begins with extreme weight loss and even reconstructive surgery.

The Quest for Validation

Cree's initial weight loss journey is driven by external validation, propelling her into the world of pageants. Her story uncovers the challenges of rapid weight loss, obsession, and self-punishment through intense workouts and restrictive diets.

The Impact of Relationships

Cree's life takes an unexpected turn as she gains 67 pounds (30.39 kg) during a tumultuous three-year relationship. She reflects on how her self-image became intertwined with her partner's views.

The Unveiling of Truth

Cree's rocky relationship reveals a painful truth: her partner was cheating on her with multiple people. As she sought couples counseling, she embarked on a journey to regain her health and clarity through dietary adjustments, marking a critical period of self-discovery.

A Profound Transformation

Cree's path to healing, both physically and emotionally, highlighted the strong link between healthier eating and improved mood and clarity. This transformation signifies her return to a healthier state of body and mind.


Cree's story demonstrates the vital connection between emotional well-being, eating habits, and the significance of a supportive environment. In part two of this interview, Cree will dive into her life as an opera singer and her flourishing fitness business. Tune in to learn from Cree's experiences and find inspiration for positive changes in your life. Your feedback is invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this insightful conversation in the upcoming episode.