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Lorna Reardon: Fitness in your 50s with mom of three and a speach language pathologist

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Hey! Monika here, and I've got something special to share from our recent podcast episode. I sat down with the incredible Lorna, a 52-year-old dynamo, to dig into her fitness journey—a journey marked by transformation, challenges, and inspiring victories.

Embracing Positivity: Lorna's Secret Sauce

Lorna spills the beans on her positive habits that turned her life around. She dives into the game-changer: sleep. Yes, you heard it right—quality sleep, cortisol levels, and overall well-being. We chat about finding that sweet spot in self-care, steering clear of extremes, and the magic that happens in between.

From Pavement to Weights: Lorna's Fitness Evolution

Lorna opens up about her fitness evolution, the shift from running to lifting. Former runner, battling body image issues—her story resonates with many navigating the twists and turns of their own fitness journey.

Life's Juggle: Career, Motherhood, and Fit Living

We explore the tightrope act of juggling a demanding career, motherhood, and maintaining a fitness routine. Lorna spills the beans on transitioning from the gym to home workouts during the pandemic—something we've all had to navigate.

Community, Gains, and More: A Holistic Fitness Approach

We deep dive into what kept Lorna going—the power of community. Mindset shifts, strength gains, and improved posture—it's the whole package. We talk about how lifestyle changes can be a game-changer in this holistic fitness journey.

Guidance and Goals: Monika's Insights

I share some nuggets on goal-setting and maintaining a mindful approach. Lorna shares her wins and ambitious goals, including a 10-pound loss and aiming for 20 more by year-end. Real talk, real goals.

Wrapping Up: Your Journey Awaits

In a nutshell, this podcast episode is a burst of inspiration. Lorna's story is a testament to commitment, structured training, and an unwavering focus on holistic well-being. Hit play and soak in the wisdom—your fitness journey is calling!