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Lindsay Hamilton: She flew to Hong Kong for an audition on a whim; mom, singer and a powerhouse

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Hey, BBMs!

Monika here, and I'm ecstatic to bring you an exclusive interview with the amazing Lindsay. 🌟 From jet-setting international performances to leading the vibrant Wave Length band and conquering motherhood while staying in peak shape, Lindsay's journey is nothing short of inspiring.

International Stages and Serendipity

Lindsay's journey into overseas performances began with a simple desire—to sing abroad. The opportunity arose through Tess Collins, a performer in Hong Kong. Lindsay's audacious spirit led her to Shanghai after meticulous preparation. A leap of faith turned into a remarkable international singing career.

Wave Length: The Heartbeat of Celebrations

Meet Wave Length, the Maine-based band Lindsay now leads. Specializing in weddings and events, Wave Length brings an electrifying live music experience to celebrations. Lindsay finds joy in creating unforgettable moments for people on their special days.

Fitness Transformed: From Reservations to Triumph

Navigating fitness after becoming a mom posed challenges for Lindsay. However, her perspective shifted with BBM. It's not just about physical health—it's a crucial pillar for mental well-being. Lindsay finds herself in the best shape of her life and is even contemplating expanding her family.

BBM: A Confidence Boost

For Lindsay, BBM is more than a fitness regimen; it's a confidence booster. Witnessing fellow women embark on fitness journeys during and after pregnancy ignited a new perspective. Lindsay's now considering another baby, knowing the journey is different when you're already in the groove.

Managing the Symphony of Life

Juggling a band, fitness, and family isn't a walk in the park. Lindsay's secret? Outsourcing admin tasks and leveraging AI. This allows her to focus on what she loves—performing, training, and cherishing moments with her family.

In the end, Lindsay proves that life's grand symphony can be conducted with grace, passion, and a touch of outsourcing magic. 💃🎤

Until next time, keep shining, BBMs! 💫

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