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Are you Slow to Reach your Goals?

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One of my most sought-after podcast episodes is titled "What to Do When You're Slow to Reach Your Goals." Many of you have been curious about how to navigate the challenges of slow progress and find ways to overcome them. Drawing from my conversations with clients and my 14 years of experience in guiding individuals towards their fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals, I want to address a crucial aspect that often hinders our growth.

It's human nature to become defensive when receiving feedback, especially when it comes to our goals. I, too, was guilty of this behavior when I found myself stuck or running in circles. When someone offered me feedback, I would immediately become defensive, barely listening to their words. My mind would already be preparing rebuttals before they finished speaking.

However, my life took a significant turn when I started actively listening without formulating responses in my head. This shift in attitude was transformative. Even in my relationship with my partner, I realized the importance of embracing honest feedback. When I shared my frustrations about things not working in my business, he would offer blunt feedback that directly addressed my inefficiencies or shortcomings.

The pivotal moment came when I started seeking feedback from those who knew me well—people who understood my business and were unafraid to be brutally honest. They pinpointed where I fell short in achieving my goals, highlighting areas where I wasn't doing what was necessary or being who I needed to be. Their insights helped me recognize the reasons behind my lack of results.

Here lies part two of what to do when you're slow to reach your goals—listening to feedback from those who truly see you. Whether it's your coach, mentor, partner, coworker, or business partner, these individuals possess the knowledge and understanding of your circumstances. They can provide the blunt truth about what's holding you back.

Successful clients are the ones who are willing to accept feedback and take action based on it. When someone tells you that your approach is sloppy, or questions your commitment to your workouts while finding time for other activities, it's not a personal attack. Their intention is to offer food for thought and ignite the transformation within you. Remember, you hired them to guide you, and their goal is to help you improve the areas of your life that are not working.

So, as we delve into "What to Do When You're Slow to Reach Your Goals 2.0," I want to emphasize the significance of embracing feedback. It may not always be easy to hear, but it is essential for your growth. By setting aside defensiveness and genuinely considering the insights of those who know you well, you'll open doors to personal transformation and accelerated progress.

Thank you for being part of this journey. If you haven't already, I encourage you to listen to the original episode, "What to Do When You're Slow to Reach Your Goals," linked below. Your commitment to growth and improvement is commendable. Together, we can overcome obstacles and achieve the success you deserve.