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The Power of Your Words: Creating Your Reality

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Hey there, lovely souls! Monika here, and I'm thrilled you've joined me today for a little chat that could transform your life. 

In my 14 years of working with incredible women, I've seen one thing consistently hold them back from their dream lives: their words, both spoken aloud and silently in their heads.

Picture this: You're gearing up for a vacation, and you catch yourself saying, "I'll struggle to stay on track." Or perhaps, "I'm not the consistent type." Guess what? You're predicting your own future, and it won't be the sunny paradise you envision.

Let's get one thing straight: We always win the game we're playing. If you believe every man is a cheater, you'll surround yourself with cheaters to prove your theory right.

So here's your mission: Stop the disempowering self-talk. Stop saying you can't, that it's impossible, or that you're just not that kind of person. Your words become your reality, whether you like it or not.

I learned this firsthand. I used to say I was "busy," and you know what I got? A chaotic, overwhelming life. Now, I'm still committed to many things, but I don't use the "busy" label anymore.

Pay attention to what you're saying because it becomes your reality. If you believe you're capable, amazing, and limitless, you'll start living like it. Your words are magic spells; choose them wisely.

Let's wrap this up – your future is listening. If you've found value in this, please leave a review and share it with a friend who needs this wake-up call. 

And guess what? We're going on adventures soon! Stay tuned for exciting travels and reflections as I approach 18 years in America. Time flies, doesn't it?

Thank you for being here. Until next time, my friends.