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The Power of Asking: A Lesson from a 10-Year-Old

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Hey there, it's great to have you here for another chat. Today, I want to dive deep into the art of asking for what you want. We've touched on this topic before, but I've got a fantastic story to share that will make you rethink your hesitation to ask.

So, I recently returned from a trip to Poland, and while I was away, something interesting happened. A ten-year-old girl from my neighborhood visited my house. What did she bring with her? A scribbled note on a piece of paper offering her house cleaning services. Yes, you read that right, a ten-year-old entrepreneur.

At first, my partner and I had a good laugh about it, thinking it was adorable but not something we needed. However, this little girl wasn't discouraged. A few days later, while my actual cleaners were at work, she returned. This time, she handed her "business card" directly to my cleaner, boldly stating, "I'm here to clean the house."

Now, this got me thinking about how many times we adults hesitate or don't even make an attempt to ask for what we want. We often fear rejection or think our requests are insignificant. But here's this ten-year-old, persistently knocking on my door and asking not once, not twice, but multiple times!

As I pondered this, I remembered my past hesitations. I used to shy away from offering my services, fearing I'd come across as pushy or desperate. But over time, I realized the value I could provide. This young girl's persistence reaffirmed that valuable lesson.

She wasn't done, though. After being turned down for house cleaning, she returned with a new offer – dog walking! Her tenacity was astonishing. Even though I had to decline again (I'm fiercely protective of my dogs), her determination was something to admire.

This whole episode made me reflect on how men often have a practice of asking and facing rejection from a young age, while women tend to hold back. This can affect us as entrepreneurs – we might hesitate to share our products or services until they're "perfect," missing out on valuable opportunities.

So, here's the takeaway: Be more like that ten-year-old girl. Next time you're on the verge of not asking for something, remember her persistence. Whether it's in your career, personal life, or even ordering that complicated coffee at the cafe, be bold. The worst you can get is a "no," but you might just be surprised by the doors that open when you dare to ask.

Thank you for joining me in this conversation. If you found this story inspiring, please share it with your friends and on social media. Your support means the world to me, and together, we can help others learn from this tenacious young entrepreneur.