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Transform Your Money Mindset: Love, Gratitude, and Abundance

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Hey there, it's Monika, and today we're diving into a topic that's often whispered about but seldom discussed openly: money. It's a sensitive subject, I get it. But today, we're going to do a little exercise together that might just shift the way you think about money and, more importantly, your relationship with it.

The Money Exercise

Let's imagine we're in a workshop focused on manifesting money. You want to be a money magnet, so you've come to me, someone who's learned to manifest their dreams with ease. I take out some cash, let's say about $1,000, and start to wave it around, talking about how much I love it, how grateful I am for it, even giving it a little kiss.

Now, pause for a moment and ask yourself: How did you feel as you read that? Did it seem odd? Unusual? Disgusting, even?

Here's the twist: what if instead of money, I had my beloved pet, Benji, with me, and I was showering him with kisses and affection? You probably wouldn't find it strange at all.

Your Money Mindset Matters

So, here's the real question: How are you being in your relationship with money? Are you pushing it away with negative thoughts and judgments, or are you embracing it with love and gratitude?

Just like how you treat a loved one, your attitude towards money can affect how it flows into your life. Are you welcoming every dollar and cent that comes your way with open arms and appreciation? Or are you constantly thinking it's not enough, that it's somehow dirty to love money?

Change Your Relationship, Change Your Wealth

Your mindset matters, my friend. If you want to attract more abundance into your life, start by changing the way you think about and treat money. Be grateful for every penny, just as you would cherish moments with loved ones.

So, take a moment to reflect on your relationship with money. Are you ready to shift from scarcity to abundance? Remember, it starts with a simple change in mindset.

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Thank you for being here, and may your days be filled with love, gratitude, and abundance.