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The Biggest Mistakes I've Made as a Business Owner

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Join me as I reflect on my journey from personal trainer to business owner. Learn from my mistakes and discover valuable insights for your own path.


  1. Starting in the Fitness Industry (2009):

    • I became a personal trainer in 2009, driven by dissatisfaction with my own trainer.
    • The challenges of transitioning from a gym member to a trainer.
    • Lesson: Setting boundaries and separating social from work relationships.
  2. Finding My Niche (Group Fitness vs. Small Groups):

    • Experimenting with group fitness vs. small group training.
    • The importance of specializing in one area.
    • Lesson: Focusing on a niche rather than spreading yourself thin.
  3. Overcoming Personal Insecurities:

    • Dealing with shyness and insecurities, including language barriers.
    • The role of personal development in boosting confidence.
    • Lesson: Investing in self-growth is essential for personal and business success.
  4. Balancing Work and Life:

    • Reflecting on a time when work consumed my life.
    • Realizing the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.
    • Lesson: Prioritizing self-care and personal life is crucial.
  5. The Ups and Downs of Owning a Studio:

    • Sharing the journey of opening my fitness studio and its rapid growth.
    • Challenges faced when hiring friends and clients.
    • Lesson: Be cautious when mixing personal and professional relationships.
  6. Investing in the Right People:

    • The pitfalls of hiring consultants for specific tasks.
    • The value of hiring dedicated, in-house support.
    • Lesson: Simplify your business operations by having one person execute multiple tasks.
  7. Not Everyone Can Join Your Journey:

    • The mistake of trying to bring everyone along in your business journey.
    • The importance of recognizing individual paths.
    • Lesson: Not everyone is meant to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey.
  8. Handling Business Challenges:

    • Understanding that growth comes with its fair share of challenges.
    • Embracing challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth.
    • Lesson: Your ability to handle adversity is directly proportional to your growth.


In this blog post, I've shared my personal journey as a personal trainer and business owner. I hope these insights help you avoid some of the mistakes I made and find success in your own endeavors. Remember, growth often comes with challenges, but it's how we handle them that truly defines our journey.