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What a Coach actually does?

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Are you curious about what coaching really entails? Let me set the record straight. Coaching isn't about someone dictating what you should do. It's a transformative process that involves two crucial elements.

1. Enlightening Questions, Not Commands: A skilled coach won't boss you around or label your actions as right or wrong. Instead, they'll ask thought-provoking questions that unveil insights you might have missed. These questions guide you to recognize what serves you best.

2. A New Perspective: A great coach provides a safe space for you to view situations differently. Your life's elements—family, work, health—won't magically change in an hour's conversation. However, how you perceive and navigate them can evolve significantly.

The key to performance lies in your perspective. People act based on how they perceive things. A jog might be therapy for one and a nightmare for another because it occurs differently to them.

My role as a coach is not to dictate, but to collaborate. I ask questions that empower you to discover your path. Your life is unique, and I honor your values, goals, and priorities. Together, we'll create a life, business, and fitness approach that authentically suits you.

Remember, it's not about me telling you what to do. It's about empowering you to choose your path because it's your life. Stay tuned for exciting conversations with BBM's clients and more insightful topics.