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39 Revealing Facts About Me as I Approach My 40s

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Hey, wonderful readers! Monika here, and in just three months, I'll be celebrating a significant milestone – turning 40! 🎉 To kick off the countdown, I want to share 39 things about me that you probably didn't know.

Now, why am I spilling the beans? Well, it's not just for my own celebration (though that's part of it), but also to let you in on a more personal side of me. This isn't about mindset fitness, wellness, or business. It's about Monika, the person. Who am I when I'm not coaching? Let's dive in!

  1. I Speak Dog: Yep, I talk to my dogs, and they understand. It's not just basic commands; we have real conversations. 🐾

  2. Dog Grooming Pro: Grooming time with my fur babies is quality time. I do it myself because it's a bonding experience.

  3. Human Food for Dogs: I feed my dogs human-grade food. Their health is as important to me as mine.

  4. Mess-Free Monika: I can't stand mess and clutter. I regularly declutter and donate items to keep my space serene.

  5. Fridge Zen: Groceries never go straight into the fridge. I clean the fridge first, ensuring a clean and organized space.

  6. Tetris Lover: I adore playing Tetris. It's my guilty pleasure and a quick way to relax.

  7. Nail Routine: My nails and toes are always done and always white. It's a clean and put-together look I cherish.

  8. Late Coffee Bloomer: I didn't start drinking coffee until my 30s. My taste buds needed time to appreciate it.

  9. Default Setting: Happy: I wake up happy, and staying that way is the norm for me. It takes a lot to bring me down.

  10. Fitness for Aesthetics: I work out to look good, not for athletic performance. It's all about aesthetics for me.

  11. Life's a Game: I turn everything into a game, from decluttering to work tasks. Games make life more fun and efficient.

  12. Snail Mail Sender: I send snail mail to show appreciation. It's a small gesture to brighten someone's day.

  13. Audiobooks in English, Hard Copies in Polish: Audiobooks keep my English sharp, while Polish hard copies help maintain my vocabulary.

  14. Family First: Despite living overseas, I have amazing relationships with my family. Family is everything to me.

  15. Spotless Car: My car is spotless, but it's also equipped with useful items for any situation.

  16. Sage Enthusiast: I'm a huge fan of massages, from foot reflexology to head massages. Nothing beats a good massage.

  17. Me Time Advocate: I love spending time with myself. It's a sign of self-acceptance and personal growth.

  18. Story Admirer: I'm drawn to people with compelling stories. I find inspiration in those who've overcome challenges and transformed.

  19. Dreams Come True: I aspired to be a journalist and psychologist, and in a way, I've become both through my coaching journey.

  20. A Blend of Psychology and Journalism 📚🎙 I've always had a passion for both psychology and journalism. While I didn't become a psychologist or journalist, I use skills from both in my work. Sharing my thoughts online, helping people transform their lives – it's my perfect blend of the two.

  21. Fatty Delights Over Carbs and Protein 🥑🍣 I'm all about the fats! Avocados, eggs, salmon – I'd choose these over carbs or protein any day. Something about that rich, creamy goodness just hits the spot.

  22. Authenticity Detector 💡 Call it a sixth sense, but I can spot inauthenticity from miles away. I notice the smallest inconsistencies in behavior and expressions, a skill I honed during my psychology days. I always assume the best in people, but it's easy for me to spot when something doesn't quite add up.

  23. Forever a Raven-Haired Beauty 💇‍♀️ Though my natural hair color is brown, I've rocked black hair all my life. It's my signature look, and it suits me perfectly.

  24. Love Is in the Tangles 💑 I've been with my partner for almost six years, and our nighttime cuddles are a clear sign that we're meant to be. We may be independent in our daily lives, but when we come together, it's like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly.

  25. Lessons Everywhere 📚 I see every experience as a lesson, be it good, bad, or ugly. It's this mindset that keeps me from ever feeling like I've failed. Every setback is just another opportunity to learn and grow.

  26. Grudge-Free Zone 🤝 I don't hold grudges, even against those who've wronged me. I don't know their stories or karma, so why carry around resentment? That doesn't mean I'll let people walk over me, but I don't let past grievances weigh me down.

  27. Dreaming in High Definition 🌌 My dreams are like movies, vivid and lifelike. I used to write them down, but even just reflecting on them in the morning can set the tone for my day.

  28. Nature's Embrace 🌿 I feel at home in places with lush greenery and that earthy, soil-rich smell. Connecticut, with its forests and water, is one such place that reminds me of home.

  29. A Believer in Reincarnation ♻️ Raised Roman Catholic, I've embraced reincarnation as a personal belief. It aligns better with my experiences and understanding of the world.

  30. Diving into Past Lives 🌀 I've explored past-life regressions with a professional trained by Dolores Cannon. It's an incredibly powerful and transformative experience, and I'm considering sharing these regressions with you all.

  31. Embracing the Woo-Woo 🔮 I'm all about the mystical and esoteric. From business strategy and tarot cards to mediumship and past-life regressions, I love exploring the unknown.

  32. Anything Is Possible 💪 I firmly believe that anything is possible, not just for me but for everyone. I've made significant life changes, like moving from Poland to the U.S. and starting my own business. These experiences taught me that you can achieve anything with determination.

  33. Recreating from Scratch 🔄 Recreating yourself from nothing is incredibly powerful. It's like a springboard for your dreams. When you have nothing to lose, you're unstoppable.

  34. Cooking Isn't My Jam 🍳 I don't cook. Period. My oven hasn't worked for years, but I've got an air fryer. Cooking just doesn't bring me joy, but cleaning certainly does. I'm particular about how things are done at home, and I prefer doing it myself.

  35. Comfortable in My Own Company 👤 I genuinely like the person I've become. I'm driven, no-nonsense, and set high standards for myself and others. I'm a firm believer that self-love starts with genuinely enjoying your own company.

  36. Conversations with Grandma 👵 Even though my grandma passed away 17 years ago, I still talk to her. In my heart, I feel her responses, and she's been a source of comfort and wisdom in my life.

  37. Animal Lover Extraordinaire 🐾 I adore animals, from my dogs to cardinals, bears, bunnies, and more. I can't stand seeing any kind of roadkill because I love animals so much. I even feed chipmunks!

  38. No to Hunting 🦌 I'm an advocate for animal rights and am strongly against hunting. Seeing posts about hunting on social media makes me cringe.

  39. Not Afraid of the Great Beyond ☁️ I'm not afraid to die. I cherish my life, but I believe that whatever comes next will be just as exciting. Of course, I'm in no rush to find out, with so many plans and dreams still to chase.

    There you have it – 39 quirky facts about yours truly. If you've made it this far, you deserve a round of applause! 🎉 Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery. And hey, consider sharing this post and leaving a review. It's like an early birthday gift for me! 🎁

    Until next time, stay true to yourself and embrace the wonderful adventure of life. 🌟