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My Two Encounters with Corona: A Mindset Journey

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Hey, wonderful readers! 🌟 Today, I want to share a truly remarkable experience with you - my two encounters with the infamous Corona. No, not the vacation spot, but the virus. Why, you ask? Because these encounters taught me an invaluable lesson about the power of the mind and self-talk.

Let's dive right in. Last year, right around the holidays, I fell victim to David (aka COVID-19). It was a tough time, no doubt. But it also became a brilliant illustration of how our minds can shape our reality.

Round 1 - The Victim Mindset: I didn't feel like eating, and I spiraled into a slump. I stayed in bed, watched endless TikToks, skipped meals, and forgot about vitamins and self-care. The result? Two weeks of misery, weight loss, hair loss, and endless nightmares.

Round 2 - Mind Over Matter: Fast forward to this year, the virus paid me another visit. This time, I was determined not to let the victim mindset take over. I set a rule - two meals a day, with vitamins, regardless of appetite. I visualized my recovery daily, started small with gentle exercises and positive affirmations.

The outcome? A week later, I was back on my feet, working, exercising, and feeling great!

The Takeaway: What's the lesson here? Our minds are powerful. How we speak to ourselves matters. Don't let a victim mindset trap you; instead, choose positivity and self-care.

Remember, your mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Speak kindly to yourself, correct negative thoughts, and watch your life transform. 🌈

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Wishing you health and happiness! 💕