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Jennifer Honsa's Transformation: A Journey of Resilience and Self-Discovery

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Meet Jennifer Honsa, a remarkable woman whose fitness journey has been a rollercoaster of extreme approaches, setbacks, and ultimately, transformative self-discovery. In this exclusive interview with Monika, we delve deep into Jen's unique story, shedding light on her past struggles, pivotal moments, and the powerful lessons that have shaped her path to wellness.

The Rollercoaster Ride of Extreme Approaches:

Jennifer candidly discusses her experiences with extreme fitness approaches, which include weight loss surgery and competitive bodybuilding. Initially, these pursuits provided her with a sense of accomplishment, but in the long run, they left her feeling unfulfilled and exhausted.

From Surgery to Setback:

Following weight loss surgery, Jen embraced the world of Peloton for her fitness journey. However, a knee injury brought her progress to a standstill. This moment of pause prompted her to reevaluate her approach to health and fitness, setting the stage for a life-changing encounter with Monika.

Unpacking Past Struggles:

In her heartfelt conversation with Monika, Jen reflects on the common threads that wove through her past struggles: desperation, perfectionism, and an all-or-nothing mindset. She passionately emphasizes the importance of balance and sustainable approaches to health.

A Year of Transformation:

Approaching the one-year mark of her journey with B&B Plus and a personalized one-on-one approach to fitness, Jennifer shares her experiences and accomplishments. Celebrating her 50th birthday just a month ago, she opens up about the significant shifts in her mindset that have allowed her to become a healthier, happier, and more vibrant version of herself.

Customized Workouts for Real-Life Success:

Jennifer commends the tailored workout plans that accommodate her specific needs and limitations. These workouts have become an integral part of her daily routine, leaving her feeling invigorated without being overworked. Her newfound excitement for these daily sessions has become a cornerstone of her journey.

Mindset Shift: Beyond the Scale:

One of the most significant shifts in Jennifer's mindset has been moving beyond the numbers on the scale. Instead of obsessing over every calorie consumed or burned, she now focuses on her overall well-being and health. This holistic approach has allowed her to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle rather than a short-term, unsustainable diet.

Living Life to the Fullest:

Jennifer's transformation isn't just about appearances. It's about embracing life's experiences fully. Whether it's climbing hills in Portugal or embarking on a Segway tour, her newfound confidence and vitality have unlocked a world of possibilities she once hesitated to explore.

Embracing Self-Care:

Jennifer emphasizes the importance of self-care beyond just exercise and diet. From microblading her eyebrows to indulging in facials, she now sees these acts as essential components of her holistic well-being. These self-care rituals contribute to her feeling her best both inside and out.


Jennifer's journey is a testament to the power of self-acceptance, a tailored approach to fitness, and a shift in mindset. Her experience with BBM+ and Monika as her coach has allowed her to not only reach her health and fitness goals but also to live each day with enthusiasm, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment. Her advice to others considering a similar journey: take that first step and discover the transformation that's waiting for you.

In just one year, Jennifer has redefined her life, and her story serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and well-being.