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Kayla Tipper - Exploring the Journey to Veganism and Mindful Living

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In this captivating interview, Monika explores the remarkable journey of Kayla Tipper, a dedicated advocate for both physical and ethical well-being. Kayla's story encompasses her awe-inspiring weight loss transformation and her unwavering commitment to veganism and mindfulness. Join us as we delve into her path to self-improvement, strategies for balance, and insights into maintaining a fulfilling life.

Kayla's Remarkable Transformation:

Kayla Tipper, a devoted vegan and proud dog mom, embarked on her transformative weight loss journey during her early 20s. Determined to create a healthier version of herself, she shed over 100 pounds over the years, demonstrating the incredible power of self-motivation and resilience.

The Power of Structure:

Structure played a pivotal role in Kayla's success. Whether navigating college life or her demanding career as a pharmacist, maintaining a consistent routine of exercise and nutritious eating provided her with the framework to achieve her health goals while effectively managing her responsibilities.

Challenges Along the Way:

Despite her impressive progress, Kayla encountered moments of doubt and burnout. She candidly shared her experiences with depression and how seeking professional help, both medically and emotionally, led to her eventual recovery and rediscovery of self.

Embracing a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet:

Kayla attributes her weight loss and sustained health to her adoption of a whole food plant-based diet. She emphasizes the significance of consuming minimally processed foods, focusing on staples like potatoes, lentils, oats, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. This approach allows her to enjoy satisfying meals while maintaining a calorie deficit.

The Role of Volume Eating:

Kayla identifies as a "volume eater" who relishes substantial, filling meals that keep her energized for extended periods. Opting for whole, unprocessed foods enables her to indulge in these voluminous meals without concerns about excessive calorie intake.

The Importance of a Balanced Mindset:

Throughout her journey, Kayla underscores the value of sustaining a balanced mindset. She has learned that prioritizing long-term, sustainable health surpasses the allure of extreme diets or intensive exercise regimens. By embracing equilibrium, she ensures that her routines and habits remain sustainable over time.

Veganism and Mindful Living:

Kayla's passion for veganism and mindful living is another facet of her journey. Her transition to a vegan lifestyle was driven by her dedication to environmental concerns, compassion for animals, and her commitment to the liberation of all beings. She shares insights into the ethical aspects of veganism and the importance of mindful eating.

Living in the Present:

The recurring theme throughout Kayla's journey is the significance of living in the present moment. She emphasizes self-awareness, personal growth, and the importance of making choices that align with one's evolving needs and goals.


Kayla Tipper's inspiring journey showcases the incredible possibilities that await those who strive for lasting transformation and overall well-being. Her dedication to structure, balanced eating, and self-care serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of making sustainable choices on the path to wellness. As Kayla continues to maintain her remarkable transformation, her story inspires us all to live authentically and in harmony with our beliefs and values, whether that means adopting a vegan lifestyle, embracing mindful choices, or pursuing personal growth.